Regional Solutions

Telecommunications Planning in the New River Valley

In early 2003 a group of leaders came together through the New River Valley Planning District Commission (NRVPDC) to assess the telecommunications infrastructure in the region. These leaders-principally from education, local government, private business, and economic development-were concerned the New River Valley was being "outflanked" by neighbors in far Southwest and Southside Virginia, where state and federal resources accumulated to develop broadband telecommunications infrastructure. The NRV Telecommunications Committee of the NRVPDC was formed to assess this need and develop a plan of action.

The Committee called a Telecommunications Summit in October 2003, to draw attention to the work of the surrounding areas and gauge interest and need. Funding was awarded from the Appalachian Regional Commission and the Virginia Center for Innovative Technology to support planning staff time. Technical expertise, guidance and informational products were donated by the Virginia Tech Information Technology Department and the eCorridors Programs, as well as Cisco and Corning.

The planning process yielded the following goal: An open-access service network with three levels will be established -inter-county, intra-county and local access - through regional coordination and collaboration. Following completion of the planning process in 2004, a New River Valley Community Network Participation Committee was established under the Virginia's First Regional Industrial Facilities Authority. Fiber PlacementThe participation committee provided structure for interested entities to partner in potential projects and grant applications. In 2008 the New River Valley Community Network Participation Committee formalized and became the New River Valley Network Wireless Authority. The Authority was created pursuant to Chapter 54.1 (5431.1-5431.37) Virginia Wireless Services Authorities Act. As of January 2012, membership in the Authority consists of Pulaski County and Giles County.

Currently, the Wireless Authority is partnering with Citizens Cooperative out of Floyd, Virginia to implement an $11.5 million/186 mile open-access fiber network project. The project is funded by $9.2 million in grant funds from National Telecommunications and Information Administration. Matching funds are being provided by the Authority, Citizens Cooperative and the Virginia Tobacco Commission. The project is scheduled to be completed by December 2012.

New River Valley HOME Consortium

The New River Valley HOME Consortium is a regional consortium that includes the counties of Floyd, Giles, Montgomery, Pulaski, and the City of Radford. The purpose of the home consortium is to create housing opportunities for low and moderate income people.

HOME-Radford HOME-Blacksburg

In the five years since the NRV HOME Consortium was formed, 184 homes and apartments have been built, rehabilitated or are in process:

  • 41 in Pulaski
  • 16 in Radford
  • 84 in Christiansburg
  • 23 in Rich Creek
  • 8 in Narrows
  • 12 in Blacksburg

The NRV HOME Consortium receives an annual funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. It has been able to leverage the $2,776,000 for the 184 units it has assisted to bring an additional $13,678,000 to the communities in the New River Valley - a ratio of 4.93 dollars to every dollar of HOME funds. HOME funds can be used for new construction or rehabilitation of homeownership or rental housing.

Pepper’s Ferry Regional Wastewater Treatment Authority

The Pepper's Ferry Regional Wastewater Treatment Authority (the "Authority") was formed under the Virginia Water and Sewer Authorities Act, Code of Virginia 1950 as amended, and is a public body politic and corporate. The amended and restated Articles of Incorporation of are dated November 20, 1979, and flow was first delivered to the treatment facility in February 1987. The Authority serves the following member jurisdictions: City of Radford, Town of Dublin, Town of Pulaski, Pulaski County Public Service Authority, Pulaski County Sewerage Authority, Montgomery County Public Service Authority. The Authority is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of eight (8) individuals appointed for four-year terms by the governing bodies of the member jurisdictions of the Authority. The Board of Directors has adopted a set of Rules and Regulations that determine the manner in which the Authority administers its many programs.Pepper's Ferry Regional Wastewater Treatment Authority

The Authority is a "wholesale" authority, owning only treatment and transmission facilities. The member jurisdictions own and maintain their respective collection and pumping systems. The Authority serves an estimated population of 45,000 people, as well as all commercial and industrial wastewater dischargers within its service area. The Authority holds a VPDES permit issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia allowing an average daily processed discharge of 9.0 million gallons. Current average daily flows are approximately 4.0 million gallons.





The Authority can be contacted through any of the following means:

Administrative Office - (540) 639-3947
Administrative Office Fax - (540) 633-0215
Executive Director - (540) 639-3947
Executive Director Cell - (540) 257-0241
Executive Director Email -

Pepper's Ferry RWTA
P.O. Box 2950
Radford, Virginia 24141