Put Us to Work for Your Employees

We have been working with other businesses and agencies in the New River Valley and are always looking to expand these efforts. We want to work with area employers to encourage your employees to take advantage of this program, regardless of how many employees or locations you have.

By identifying significant centers of employment and creating workplace partnerships, the program increases the opportunity to find a carpooling match and reaches more people about cleaner, cheaper ways to commute. The more people who participate, the easier it is to find a carpool match!

Offering this free program to your employees will benefit you and them by expanding the benefits available to them, reducing absenteeism, improving regional air quality, and helping them save money - especially since dramatic changes in gas prices have become a factor in many employees' budgets.

When you register as a RIDE Solutions workplace, we will work with you to create a program as simple or comprehensive as you choose. You will have access to our expert assistance to help you set up and implement an alternative transportation program - addressing your specific needs whether it's simply promoting transportation options to your employees or survey and analysis to identify transportation needs and habits and ensure the program is working, as well as customized reporting on program participation and carpool matching. You can also view the RIDE Solutions website at http://www.ridesolutions.org/workplace/ for more information or contact the NRV Coordinator, Christy Straight, at (540) 639-9313 or by email (cstraight@nrvpdc.org).

RIDE Solutions


RIDE Solutions, a regional ridesharing program, offers a free carpool matching service, the Guaranteed Ride Home program, and information on alternative transportation options to the region’s commuters. Register with RIDE Solutions to connect with other commuters. You’ll reduce your commuting costs, save time, and reduce your carbon footprint. Changing how you commute even just a few days a week can make a big difference! To register on-line for free carpool matches and the Guaranteed Ride Home benefit, go to http://www.ridesolutions.org or call us at 866-424-3334.

RIDE Solutions is a service of the Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission and the New River Valley Planning District Commission. Funded by a grant from the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation and contributions from local governments and Virginia Tech, it is a service free to the public.

Commuters: Explore Your Transportation Options

RIDE Solutions offers free benefits to commuters in the New River and Roanoke Valleys:

  • Free carpool matching service
  • Guaranteed Ride Home program
  • An online resource for other commuting options - biking,  walking, taking the bus, telework

Whether gas prices are high or low, you can still save money. Find out how much changing how your commute can save you with our RIDE Solver calculator.

At the RIDE Solutions website, you’ll find biking and walking maps, links to bus schedules, and more - even a map that shows where current carpools exist! To register on-line for free carpool matches and the Guaranteed Ride Home benefit, go to http://www.ridesolutions.org or call us at 866-424-3334.