6580 Valley Center Drive, Suite 124
Radford, VA

Office Hours: M-F 8:30-5:00
Phone: (540) 639-9313
Fax: (540) 831-6093

Name Title Extension # Email
Kevin Byrd, AICP Executive Director 212
Janet McNew Director of Finance and Personnel 211
Elijah Sharp Director of Planning and Programs 210
Patrick Burton, AICP Senior Planner 217
Christy Straight Regional Planner II 209
Jennifer Wilsie Regional Planner II 204
Patrick O'Brien Regional Planner II 206
Michael Gottfredson Regional Planner I 205
Ken Hall Regional Planner (Part-time) 208
Julie Phillips Office Manager 216
Jonnell Sanciangco, GISP Data Systems Manager 222
Catherine Howey GIS Intern 202