oute 99 Corridor The New River Valley Planning District Commission (PDC) provides transportation planning assistance across the region. Through a partnership with the Virginia Department of Transportation, the PDC manages an annual Rural Work Program that is guided by a multijurisdictional Transportation Technical Advisory Committee. The Rural Work Program enables the PDC to conduct local transportation studies, prepare regional planning documents, participate in statewide planning efforts, recommend regional priorities, and provide grant writing assistance.

The PDC has significant experience working with local, multijurisdictional, regional, and statewide partners. Whether you need assistance facilitating a meeting, developing a planning resource, pursuing funding, or managing a recently awarded grant; the PDC has the resources you need. In 2013, the PDC worked with the Town of Pulaski to prepare a Retail Feasibility Study for the Route 99 Corridor. The image shown (right) illustrates potential redevelopment and new development opportunities along a segment of Route 99. The illustration enabled stakeholders to discuss potential landuse and transportation improvements in their community. Typical services the PDC specializes in include:

  • Regional Long-Rang Transportation Planning
  • GIS Application Support, Analysis, and Training
  • Multimodal Corridor Studies
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Transportation & Landuse Economic Impacts
  • Grant Writing
  • Landuse Planning/Conceptual Design
  • Contract Administration
  • Access Management Planning
  • MOUs
  • Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning/Conceptual Design
  • RFPs
  • Transit Feasibility & Organizational Analysis
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Needs Assessments
  • Comprehensive Plan Updates

MPO and Rural Planning Area

The Rural Work Program is geared towards communities located outside of the Metropolitan Planning Organization's (MPO) urbanized boundary. The map (shown left) highlights the communities in the New River Valley that are eligible for rural planning assistance. Although there are different responsibilities for each organization, the region's PDC and MPO are active partners in transportation planning.

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